Скачать raidcall rus последнюю версию

Raidcall специально разработан для группового общения, особенно для игр, требующих жесткой совместной работы, таких как FPS и MMORPG игр. Обеспечивается четкое качество передачи голоса с низкой задержкой без необходимости арендовать сервер. Скачать raidcall rus можно на этой странице.

Release Notes


Mar 27, 2012
  • New Features:...
  • -Echo cancellation feature
  • -Message history feature
  • -Added High Quality in channels using Queued Mode
  • -Option to prohibit queuing, and added "Add to Queue" on Queued Mode
  • -Option to quickly check all online Mods/Admins in the group you're in
  • -Option to disable all text in a channel
  • -Option to delete account history on sign in window
  • -Added record audio feature
  • -Members now have identity icons beside their nicknames in text chat
  • Bug fixes:
  • -Fixed the bug where Raidcall crashes when entering voice group
  • -Fixed the bug where crashes when running raidcall program
  • -Fixed the bug of music mode (software processing)
  • -Many other bugs have been found and fixed


Feb 11, 2012
  • Bug fixes:...
  • -Fixed the bug where sometimes crashes when users receive private messages


Aug 5, 2011
  • New Features:...
  • -Completely customizable UI and new icons
  • -Added member list for group
  • -Advanced voice group admin
  • -Added hardware processing for music mode
  • -Option to batch move users to my channel
  • -Added text chat waiting time for guests
  • -Option to create category for contact list
  • -Option to reject all nudges
  • Bug fixes:
  • -Fixed the bug where the group member can not dismiss his membership
  • -Fixed the bug where unsettled membership applicants could not be saved after the group administrators log off
  • -Fixed the bug where crashes when users text chat or send screenshots in group for the first time
  • -Optimize membership application process, cancel member limit for group
  • -Optimize auto scrolling for text chatting area
  • -Fixed the bug where users can't enter the group when it has reached a certain amount of people in it


July 14, 2011
  • New Features:...
  • -Added notice for Channel Broadcast
  • -Option to add users to black list manually
  • -Option to add admins manually
  • -Added layer window for announcement
  • -Totally revamped registration wizard
  • -Voice level volume has increased slightly, (users were complaining that some voices were low)
  • -Added support for new channel modes:
  • Group Discussion Mode (everyone can speak)
  • Admin Only Mode (only the admin can speak)
  • Discussion Queue Mode (only those who has enabled Discussion Queue can speak one by one)
  • -Added level system as well as its icon for your level (based on your Points)
  • Bug fixes:
  • -Fixed the bug where users can't copy conversations from to their games
  • -Fixed the uploading a profile picture bug
  • -Fixed the bug where users can't check or uncheck the option "disable automated volume adjustment" for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users
  • -Fixed the bug where users can't enter the server with a password if they unchecked “remember password"
  • -Fixed the bug where certain users would see strange code when adding a friend
  • -Fixed the bug where Raidcall crashes when rebooting servers in Raidcall